Ylläs-Levi now an established and celebrated long distance ski race since 2017, but it has existed as an unofficial marathon ski event years before. A small group of long distance ski enthusiasts decided to fulfill their dream and make the annual unofficial ski gathering a real organized event. The first official race was held in 2016, and among the participants were some famous cross-country skiers such as Pertti Teurajärvi, Olympic winner in 1976, Oddvar Brå, World Champion in 1982, and Jari Isometsä, multiple podium places in the World Championships and the Olympics.

Ylläs-Levi Region is a paradise for cross-country skiing offering a variety of ski courses with more than 500 km of groomed trails. Both Ylläs and Levi are also renowned downhill ski resorts with more than 50 000 rooms available and plentiful tourist attractions to satisfy a variety of desires.

Southern Lapland offers perfect snow conditions, and not a single ski race has been canceled in the area in March or April. Ylläs is located in the Kolari municipality and Levi in Kittilä. The Swedish border is very close, and both resorts can easily be traveled to by plane, train or car. The distance from Lapland’s capital city Rovaniemi is about 170 km, only two hours by car.

Welcome to Ylläs-Levi!