The elite part of Ylläs-Levi moves to Sweden and will be arranged Sunday March 21st in Vålådalen, the day after Vålådalsrennet. The name of the 64 km race is Tåssåsen Criterium 64 powered by Visma.

Ylläs-Levi, the final event of Visma Ski Classics season XI on April 17th, moves to Sweden.  The current situation and restrictions in Finland do not allow the International event to take place, so the decision is taken in order to offer the elite skiers a safe event not requiring additional travel. In this difficult situation the nordic countries help each otherThe Tåssåsen Criterium 64 powered by Visma is supported by Tåssåsens Sameby.

“The possibilities to arrange another race in Södra Årefjällen with a different profile from both Vålådalsrennet and Årefjällsloppet are good. The support from the region and the Tåssåsen samish village was important to make this happen, hence the name of the race. We believe this is the best solution to keep delivering a safe season for our Pro Athletes and staff, and a high quality production for our media customers and partners.” says David Nilsson, CEO Visma Ski Classics.

Tåssåsen Criterium 64 powered by Visma will be carried out on a two lap course with two sprint points. Start and finish will be at Vålådalen, like in Vålådalsrennet the day before. The course and the profile is very different from the previous day with a flat profile.