Juha Mieto, a true ski legend, whose larger than life appearance cannot be missed by anyone, is the Ambassador for Ylläs-Levi, the 50 km race. His shoe size is 47 and he is 197 cm tall. He has 9 medals in the Olympics & The World Championships, and we all remember his unforgettable defeat to Thomas Wassberg in 15 km race in the 1980 Olympics when the Swede beat the Finn by 0.001 seconds. Juha also has 19 Finnish National titles and he is certainly the most popular living ski legend in Finland.

This is the second time for Juha to accept the honor of being the Ambassador, and he is ready to put a little extra effort this time around. He is considering skiing the 50 km distance himself. You can learn more about that when you check out our videos on Ylläs-Levi’s Facebook site. You can also see what Juha thinks about long distance skiing and Ylläs-Levi itself and hear about how he trained in the good old times. He will also tell you about his views on nutrition and many other things. So, stay tuned and log onto our Facebook site if you haven’t done so yet. The videos will be subtitled for your convenience. And of course, come to Ylläs and Levi on April 14th. We are waiting for you with open arms!